Anger, the (Unfortunate) Coin of the Realm

Someone just annonymously posted some angry rhetorical comments/questions about last week's posting about Rocky Mountain Power's Cool Keeper program.

This person plainly has complaints about Rocky Mountain Power. I'll happily air those complaints in this blog, but I won't do so anonymously.

The anonymity of the social media (like this blog) allows for anger to be the coin of the realm. I, for one, find that to be an unfortunate side effect of Web 2.0.

(Although as George Will recently wrote, anger may just be the ethos of the current American zeitgeist, rather than an unintended consequence of the anonymity possible in blog comments.)

So to the person who made the anonymous comments about Rocky Mountain Power, feel free to repost those comments. If you include your name and email, I'll publish them.

If there's a compelling reason to maintain your anonymity, email me at with an explanation.

Finally, it probably goes without saying, but I reserve the right to edit all comments for length, style, and taste.

Warm regards,