Apple Vacations and Susan G. Komen

Bring on Cause-Related Marketing 2.0

Like a kiwi fruit, the Internet looks different from the outside than what it tastes like. It’s easy to look at the Internet and see a computer-driven media. But for marketers it tastes like direct mail, newspapers, radio, and TV.

Like never before cause marketers are utilizing the Internet to drive their campaigns. Illustrated above is an example from Apple Vacations benefiting Susan G. Komen which came to me in an email.

Here’s the offer, Apple Vacations, which bills itself as “America’s Vacation Company,” will donate $50 to Susan G. Komen every time someone books a qualifying “travel pink, travel Oahu” vacation to Hawaii through October 15.

When I look at this email I see something that's just about half-baked.

But that’s just me.

Apple Vacations could easily test every single one of those suggestions and get a real strong read about what people do and do not respond to. Indeed, they may be doing just that.

That’s the beauty of the Internet…the ability to quickly and cheaply discover the campaign that works best.

If your company or nonprofit has been using A-B tests or its kin in a campaign like this I'd love to hear what you learned. Email me at aldenkeeneatgmaildotcom.

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