Jerry Lewis, it's Time to Move On

So Jerry Lewis got himself in trouble over the Labor Day weekend. Maybe you heard. In his wacky, jesting way he used the “F-Bomb” as one reporter had it. Another characterized it as a “homophobic slur.” I prefer to think of it as a wakeup call to the board of the Muscular Dystrophy Association that it’s time to promote Jerry out of his hosting role.

Jerry’s survived these dramas in the past and he could surely do so again. But the man is 81 and while that’s half the age of his longtime sidekick Ed McMahan, Jerry is showing signs of wear. And let’s not forget that Jerry Lewis has had more near-death experiences in the last few years than the cheerleader on the ABC television series Heroes.

So how do you move out a guy who plainly doesn’t want to go and with whom do you replace him?

Last question first. How about Jerry Seinfeld?

Seinfeld’s on the record for saying that he pretty much never misses the MDA Telethon, and I believe him. I heard late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel say the same thing the other night. I have a certain sick fascination with the MDA Telethon myself. More to the point, Jerry S. is a father now of young children, and like never before he can probably imagine what it must be like to hear a doctor tell a parent that their child has some form of muscular dystrophy. Seinfeld’s wealthy and powerful and he and some of his friends (Larry David, for instance) have the gifts to reimagine the MDA Telethon for a younger audience. Not too many performers would turn him down if he called and asked them to appear. Plus, word is that he’ll have plenty of time on his hands a week or two after his animated film Bee Movie comes out.

So Jerry Seinfeld it is. But how to get Jerry Lewis to move on?

There you go, a few suggestions that, if properly executed, would help the MDA board and Jerry Lewis to move on.

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