'Bake for the Cure' Benefitting Susan G Komen

Half Baked

ACH Foods, which owns food brands including Mazola cooking oils, Spice Islands spices, Fleischman’s Yeast, released on Sunday the FSI on the left in support of their campaign for Susan G. Komen called Bake for the Cure.

In the campaign, when you buy any of a dozen or so participating ACH brands and submit proof of purchase at the Bake for the Cure website, the company will donate 25 cents per sku. The campaign's minimum donation is $250,000. ACH will also donate another 10 cents every time someone posts to the website or exchanges a recipe. The maximum donation is capped at $350,000.

The agency for the campaign, Market Vision, has a multi-cultural marketing focus and to a degree Bake for the Cure targets the Hispanic market. Program materials are being distributed in Spanish and English and the website, while in English, could accept Spanish-language recipes. Komen also makes their breast cancer information available in Spanish.

It’s a nice enough campaign, but has a ‘paint by the numbers’ flavor. On first glance it’s also derivative of the ‘Great American Bake Sale,’ which generates money for Share Our Strength, an anti-hunger charity.

But the Great American Bake Sale… which encourages people nationwide to hold bake sale fundraisers… is more grassroots and frankly has more heart. The Great American Bake Sale also does a better job securing publicity, both locally and nationally.

Given that, the name ‘Bake for the Cure’ promises a larger campaign but delivers a pretty standard packaged goods promotion.

What else could ACH and Komen have done?

Right now in the U.S. no baked good is trendier than cupcakes. The hottest cupcake baker is Sprinkles with locations in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Dallas and Scottsdale, and a baker’s dozen more set to open over the next year or so in chi-chi locations in New York, London, Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, and the like. Other cupcake shops are capitalizing on the trend and opening across the country.

I can imagine a promotion with the rollout at the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills and a celebrity recipe exchange, featuring cupcakes. I understand, for instance, that Teri Hatcher star of Desperate Housewives is terrific baker.

Imagine a cupcake bake-off capping off the campaign with Teri Hatcher and other celebrities on the judging panel along with the chefs from Sprinkles. The winning entry could be featured at Sprinkles and sold as fundraiser for Komen.

There are plenty of other ancillary opportunities and a little brainstorming could certainly flesh them out.

Why broaden this campaign? For ACH it would offer more exposure than a packaged goods campaign alone, along with a guerilla-marketing to way to associate itself with celebrities and a fashionable brand like Sprinkles. For Komen it would help get the dollars raised past $350,000, an amount which is meaningful if on the low end for them. For Market Vision it gives them a chance to demonstrate their creative chops.

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