Accessing the Minds of Other Informal Learners and Teachers

“A great library contains the diary of the human race,” said George Mercer Dawson.


But what of all the people who have walked the earth but never left their own 'diary' (or learner’s journals)? Imagine what you could learn from them.

Up until now the challenge has been how to crack open the human library (if I can coin a term) of the people all around you.

Now a Seattle firm may have figured out a way to unite informal learners and teachers.

It’s informal learning, because it’s not organized under the auspices of a university or really any kind of school and there's no credentials offered when you're done. The firm is startup for-profit business with venture funding.

To learn more about accessing the minds of informal learners read my posting on my blog on informal learning called The Learner’s Guild.

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