Matchmaking and Cause-Related Marketing

For at least five years now I’ve been looking for a means whereby Alden Keene could predict the potential fit between a cause and a sponsor in cause-related marketing campaign. A matchmaking tool, if you will.

I approached at least a half dozen professors and researchers and the answer was always some variation on a theme of “yes we can survey people, but what we really need is a theoretical underpinning.”

Can you recommend a theoretical footing, I would ask?

“No. But we can conduct a survey for you once you find it,” would come the response.

Well, I can survey people. That’s no challenge. My company, Alden Keene, conducts surveys and focus groups all the time.

But until now I never found the theoretical foundation for such a predictive tool. And, I’m especially pleased to report it comes from a familiar source.

An old friend from my Children’s Miracle Network days runs a firm called Venture Dynamics, LLC that draws on research from stakeholder theory to produce predictive instruments for various industries.

The staff at Venture Dynamics and I are refining a cause-related marketing instrument right now.

And the good news is, it will also help predict the potential success of a campaign based on a ranking in 48 separate measures.

This is exciting stuff and I’ll keep y’all apprised as it develops.

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