Student Needs Help With Research on Cause-Related Marketing Ads

Hey Gang:

I got the following email from a student at Stetson University who’s looking for some help on some research she’s conducting on cause-related marketing ads.

Here’s the contact information if you can help:

Warm regards,

Paul Jones, President
Alden Keene & Associates

I’m looking for print ads (appearing in magazines and newspapers preferably) with human subjects which are part of a breast cancer cause related marketing campaign (with a preference for Komen Foundation endorsed ads). I need a sufficient number to conduct a content analysis. Unfortunately, a select few from a single campaign wouldn’t do, since my advisers want me to locate either all of a single campaign, or a large quantity from which I can draw a random sample.

My analysis will be from a sociological perspective, analyzing the race, age, gender, and class of those appearing in the ads. Once I’ve quantified the elements of gender, race, and age, I intend to compare the population in the ads to statistics on breast cancer sufferers. It is also my hope to integrate elements of Erving Goffman's analysis of gendered advertising into my study.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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