Happy Thanksgiving, Cause Marketers, Wherever You Are

Kind Readers:

Today in the United States is Thanksgiving Day, a harvest festival primarily in North America. In Canada Thanksgiving occurs on the second Monday in October.

Like harvest celebrations everywhere... since time immemorial... it's front-loaded with mythology.

But we North Americans have given our modern harvest festival its own distinct spin; it’s a time of gratitude, televised parades, jam-packed airports, a bad Detroit Lions Football game, and feasting.

In honor of that part of Thanksgiving I publish a poem from kids’ poet Jack Prelutsky.

I Ate Too Much Turkey
by Jack Prelutsky

I ate too much turkey,
I ate too much corn,
I ate too much pudding and pie,
I’m stuffed up with muffins
and much too much stuffin’,
I’m probably going to die.

I piled up my plate
and I ate and I ate,
but I wish I had known when to stop,
for I’m so crammed with yams,
sauces, gravies, and jams
that my buttons are starting to pop.

I’m full of tomatoes
and french fried potatoes,
my stomach is swollen and sore,
but there’s still some dessert,
so I guess it won’t hurt
if I eat just a little bit more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever you are.

And to Katie, happy birthday!

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