The Best Cause Marketing of 2008

First off the usual disclaimers. This is by no mean an exhaustive list. I don’t see much cause marketing from outside North America. I read and speak only English; and, well, a smattering of Esperanto ;).

There may well be… and probably is… some brilliant cause marketing coming out of Senegal or Bengal or Finland or Vietnam or Rio de Janeiro that I just don’t know about.

I certainly don’t even see all the cause marketing done in North America. I only post about cause marketing about twice a week. So needless to say, I don’t review all the cause marketing that comes over the transom. There can be no doubt but that I have blind spots.

But I did review a lot of cause marketing in 2008… more than 135 posts… and I saw much more than that.

So with that said, here’s the best 11 cause marketing efforts of 2008 (as far as I know).

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