Me... Paul Jones... in the Company of Seth Godin, Malcom Gladwell and 97 Other "Visionaries"

This blog received notice yesterday that it has been named "100 Best Blogs for Those Who Want to Change the World" by the website

That puts me in the company of Gladwell, Godin, the U.N.,,, and dozens of others.

From the opening paragraph:
"The world is full of visionaries and people who want to make a difference in the world, and many of those people share their knowledge online through their blogs. Whether you want to change the world through environment, humanitarianism, business, or any other way, there’s a blog out there that can offer you guidance and inspiration. Read on, and you’ll find 100 blogs that can help you change the world."
If I was H.L Mencken, or Twain, or even Groucho Marx, I'd write something snarky right now about 'not wanting to be a member of a club that would have me for a member.'

Instead, I'll say thank you, That's very nice!

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