On Earth Day This Cause Marketer Profiles Favorite Green Blogs

In honor of Earth Day I’m going to step aside from my usual emphasis on cause marketing to talk about 10 green blogs that can help you make a difference for the earth and its inhabitants.

  1. Treehugger.com, owned by Discovery Communications is kinda the 800 pound gorilla in this space. It’s a big spread out blog and sometimes that sprawl works to its favor and sometimes in gets in the way. But you can't ignore it.
  2. Greenbiz.com’s name tells you about its editorial focus. The surprising thing is how uncompromisingly true it is to both parts of its name.
  3. Afrigadet.com gets a lot of good press because it’s so refreshingly bright. The site follows the progress of Africans who by dint of hard work and ingenuity turn something silly (usually from the Developed World) into something useful in the Developing World.
  4. I’ve highlighted Echoing Green in brief last week. Echoing Green is a 501(c)(3) microenterprise lender to social entrepreneurs in 40 countries on five continents. Echoing Green's social entrepreneurs aren't exclusively green, but when the news on CNN weighs me down, a visit to Echoing Green reminds me that all hope is not lost.
  5. What I admire about Cleantechblog.com from Neal Dikeman is that it has a point of view. With Treehugger and others there are so many voices it’s not always coherent. Cleantechblog.com is coherent, even if I don’t always agree with his point of view.
  6. I read Ecoprenuerist.com but I do so with a wary eye. Sometimes their posts seem like product placements. I don’t believe they do it. But Ecoprenuerist.com doesn’t have all the resources it needs and sometimes it shows more than others.
  7. Grist.org has a lot of screw-you cheek, which I kinda like, although it can wear thin. I check perhaps once a week.
  8. Used to be that out-of-work actors waited tables. Nowadays they put up websites with instructions on how to live greener. Check theguidegirls.com (see above) for instructions on how to compost, how to eat less meat, how to save bathroom water. The Guide Girls, ‘Maxine’ and ‘Winnie’ manage to be simultaneously hysterical and creepy.
  9. If Perez Hilton were green, he’d probably have started ecorazzi.com, a chirpy, gossipy, celebrity-drenched blog on green living.
  10. Alternativeconsumer.com seems to find every ‘upcycled’ product out there, making me frequently marvel at human resourcefulness.

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