Cause Marketing Via Buy One, Give One, #1

'Buy one, give one' (BOGO) has been around for a couple years now and the cause marketing practice is still growing dramatically. It's not for everyone, but for those that can pull it off BOGO generates mad publicity and word-of-mouth.

BOGO means that when you buy one of something, another one is given away to a needy party. A variation is when you buy one thing and it triggers the donation of second, but different item.

For the next three days I’m going to list and briefly describe all the BOGO I’ve seen. No doubt I’ll miss some so I hope you, my faithful readers, will add to the list.

Please email me BOGO examples at aldenkeene @ gmail . com, or use the comments below.
Tomorrow: BOGO from outside the United States, including the most impressive effort I've seen so far.

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