Giving a Face to Cause Marketing 'Donors'

If you haven’t heard by now, Mark Zuckerberg, the bare-faced billionaire founder of Facebook just gave the school system in Newark $100 million! He’s been all over the media…old and new…starting with a guest-shot on Oprah (view at left).

On October 2 I will give 100-millionth as much to LIVESTRONG…Lance Armstrong’s anti-cancer charity… thanks to RadioShack. And thanks to RadioShack you can look for my picture in Times Square this coming Saturday as proof.

Here’s how it works: On RadioShack's Team28 website you can enable a gadget to put a 28Badge over your Twitter or Facebook picture. The 28 references the 28 million people worldwide with cancer. By September 17 more than 20,000 pictures had been uploaded.

On October 2…‘LIVESTRONG Day’ Military Island in Times Square in New York will display all the pictures collected during that 24-hour period. For every 28Badge added on LIVESTRONG DAY, RadioShack will donate $1, up to $100,000.

I like it! Although I wish RadioShack would have enabled the donation so that, say, $50,000 was guaranteed with the remaining $50,000 tied to participation rates.

In charitable fundraising we commonly see depictions or images of kids and homeless people, celebrities, beneficiaries in the developing world, corporate logos, and fatcat donors like Zuckerberg. But where’s the picture of the micro-donor?

Show up in Times Square on October 2 and see.

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