Your Webmaster Needs to Know About Your Cause Marketing

In the vitamin and supplement business one all-purpose word you see often is ‘support.’

Here’s a few from the Vitamin World website:
Too bad Vitamin World’s webmaster couldn’t do a little more to more clearly demonstrate the company’s support of the nonprofit charity Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels supports about 20 million children worldwide, usually with Vitamin A and multivitamin supplements. The Vitamin Angels website says that 1/3 of all childhood deaths worldwide are cause by malnutrition. Vitamin A deficiency in particular is a common cause of both childhood mortality and blindness. The lives of millions of children could be saved by easy to administer vitamin supplements.

Supplements are easy to make and deliver to children and mothers at key moments, which in a nutshell is what Vitamin Angels does. Vitamin World, a discount vitamin and herbal supplement manufacturer and retailer is one of Vitamin Angels biggest supporters. If you order online you can add a donation to Vitamin Angels when you checkout.

Alas that is all I could find from Vitamin World about its support of the charity using its site search tool. For that matter, there was nothing in the About Us section that told me about what Vitamin World does in terms of community support. There was nothing at the bottom of any page that said that Vitamin World supported Vitamin Angels’ vital mission.

That combined with this rather modest use of the Vitamin Angel logo in the FSI at the left served to give me a rather dim initial view of Vitamin World’s commitment to the charity.

By contrast, Vitamin Angels recognizes Vitamin World among its Founder’s Circle, its highest level of donors which recognizes sponsors who have donated $200,000 or more.

It was only after I did a Google site search of that my opinion began to change. The search turned up 1,100 results on the exact words “Vitamin Angels.” For instance, in February Vitamin World offered customers a reusable tote bag with the profits headed to Vitamin Angels, among other efforts.

In short, Vitamin World’s support appears to be both genuine and generous.

Someone just needs to get that message of support to the Vitamin World webmaster.

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