Continuing Education for Cause Marketers

What do you do, as a cause marketer, to keep learning?

How you answer the question of self-education determines things like: how successful your cause marketing campaigns are, indeed, how successful you are; your income and your lifespan. Researchers have even shown a correlation between happiness and education.

It’s almost axiomatic that more you know the more you want to know... and as Socrates pointed out, the more you realize how little you actually do know! If education isn't as often humbling as it it enlightening than you're probably not learning enough.

I hope this will be a conversation rather than a monologue or disquisition, so I invite you to comment on what you do to stay on top of your game as a cause marketer.

Business/General Interest

Knowledge of the Wider World

Cause Marketing

Brain Exercise

You could make a pretty good argument that you can implicitly learn from games like Chess, the Asian game Go, Scrabble, as well as some number of video games and handheld like Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, and shloads of apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other platforms, all explicitly meant to help adults learn or otherwise give their gray-matter a workout.

But you may not need anything so external. An elderly aunt of mine kept her mind sharp well into her 90s not just reading the paper, but copy-editing it. She’d literally mark-up the daily paper with a red pen!