Cause Marketing Signs at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

Yesterday at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market was the Open Air demo. Today the indoor portion of the twice-annual show starts. So when I walked through the Salt Palace Convention Center on Wednesday the aisles were filled not with throngs of people but with the detritus of a giant trade show.

(Reminds me a little of the time when at a charity softball tourney I saw Larry King take his shirt off! :o )

Nonetheless, just walking around the trade show floor I already saw signs (literally) of cause marketing. Today I’ll pay visits to Sierra Designs, Bamboo Bottle Company, and dozens of more, plus nonprofits like WorldVision. And I’ll visit with friends at Eton, Columbia, and a handful more.

I’ll ask them about their cause marketing efforts, what they’re having success with and where cause marketing fits in terms of their overall marketing strategy. Stay tuned.

If you have questions for me to ask, Tweet them with the hashtag #ORcausemarketing or message me @paulrjones.

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