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Kind Readers:

I’ve heard from a handful of people over the last few days about whether or not the Cause Marketing Blog has a newsgroup. Good news, it does!

It’s super-easy to subscribe. Simply send me your name and your email address to aldenkeene at gmail dot com.

And when you do each new post comes directly to your email every business day. As an inducement I’ll also send you a PDF copy of the "Five Flavors of Cause Marketing" which explains Cause-Related Marketing in an easy-to-follow matrix and includes examples.

It's a great brainstorming tool and helps ensure that your campaign has all the components appropriate for that flavor of Cause Marketing.

Your privacy is important to me, so be assured that I will never sell your name or email address.

One other bit of housekeeping: Some idiot… whose reflection looks a lot like me… accidentally deleted the last 25 comments made on the Cause Marketing blog. They’re totally unrecoverable and lost to the ether.

The buck stops here, so my apologies. But rest assured that the brain-dead fool who lost them will be drawn and quartered and then fired and then run over by tractor-trailer hauling pickled herring.

At any rate, if you’ve made a comment in the last little while…or want to cuss me out as an incompetent…I invite you do so now. Anyone that does in the month of August, will also receive the "Five Flavors of Cause Marketing.”

Warm regards,

Aldenkeene at gmail dot com

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