Swearing For a Cause

Got a potty mouth on Twitter combined with a yen to do good? You may want to sign up for Charity Swearbox.

Here’s how it works: After you sign up every time you use a bad word on Twitter, Charity Swearbox takes note. At the end of the month they send you a notice along with a suggested donation. The default amount is $1 per word, but that’s a suggestion only.

Charity Swearbox has whole host of tweets with naughty words. So don’t go there if you’re offended by profanity.

Currently four causes benefit from Charity Swearbox: Eff Cancer, 50/50, an aid effort for famine victims in East Africa, BeatBullying, and Instrument Lenders Canada. Charity Swearbox is actively looking for other charity beneficiaries, too. So far Charity Swearbox has generated $38,147.

This is the kind of grassroots cause marketing/fundraising that’s only possible with the advent of cheap social networks. And, of course, it’s way more accurate than the self-policing version like the picture at the left.

Another difference from the old analog version of the swear jar is that if you Tweet out a bad word it’s premeditated in a way that verbal swearing may not be. In other words, Charity Swearbox members might be swearing for a cause!

@jaylardi tops the leaderboard with $28 in donations. Lest you think he is particularly profane, @jaylardi signed up 124 days ago and has 1842 Tweets in that time. He averages one profanity approximately every 74 Tweets.

Great job @jaylardi. Keep up the good work!

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