One (Bronx) Cheer for Philanthropist Kim Kardashian

Fox News reports that reality star Kim Kardashian is pocketing 90 percent of the money raised from her eBay Giving Works auctions.

The auctions ostensibly benefit the Dream Foundation, Linkwhich grants wishes to terminally-ill adults. Kardashian's father died of cancer. But Fox found that only 10 percent of the money actually went to the cause, something she states openly on her blog when promoting the auctions.

Ten percent is the minimum Giving Works allows.

Most of the items are from the Kardashian’s collection of fashion apparel. Fox reports past items have included:
In effect Kadashian, a multi-millionaire has figured out a way to monetize the churn of her wardrobe inventory. All with the gloss of charity.

My headline says one cheer for Kim and that’s because she was open about the meager donation percentage. But it’s a Bronx cheer because 10 percent just ain’t enough.

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