Cause Marketing to Moms? Engage Them Via Social Media.

If moms are the market for your cause marketing a new study shows that social media may be the way to their hearts.

The study, called ‘Social Media Moms’ finds them more engaged in social media than other woman, more likely to own a smart phone and a tablet, more frequent visitors to Facebook and LinkGoogle+, and more likely to read a company post in their newsfeed.

The sample size for the phone-based study was nearly 3,000 women. It was sponsored by Performics and conducted in December 2011 by ROIResearch.

There were numerous other findings, which I think make this well worth your time to review in its entirety. But I’ll concentrate just on the corporate questions. Namely the questions that address how moms think and wish to engage with companies and brands.
Moms are more likely read a company/brand’s post in their newsfeed (52% vs. 37%).

They’re more likely to read a company/brand’s Facebook page (43% vs. 30%).

And, importantly, they’re more likely to have made a purchase based on the recommendation on a social networking site (42% vs. 29%). And they’re more likely to purchase from a company/brand that they’ve ‘liked’ (44% vs. 32%).

A good deal of cause marketing targets moms. This valuable survey tells us that a very likely place to engage with and even sell to them is via social media.