Janet Jackson Cause Marketing Her Weight Loss

Janet Jackson, ‘Miss Jackson if you’re nasty,’ has sold more than 100 million records. Now the youngest of the famed musical clan is using cause marketing to help sell Nutrisystem plans and foods.

During 2012, every pound Americans lose on the Nutrisystem plan will be matched by $1 of Nutrisystem food that go will hunger relief agencies up to $10 million in food. Jackson and Nutrisystem cofounded the cause Nutribank.org.

As of this date, Nutribank.org online presence is no more than a single holding page and details are sparse. But a recent issue of Prevention magazine reports that between the cause and Jackson’s wide appeal, “within two months of signing on as a spokeswoman, first-time orders were up by their highest percentage in four years.”

Jackson certainly has enduring appeal. At age 46, she’s been in the public eye since an appearance on ‘The Jacksons’ variety show in 1976 and, later, on the TV shows ‘Good Times,’ and ‘Fame.’

In those 37 years her life and career has had both ups and downs. Her terrific album ‘Rhythm Nation’ produced seven top-5 hits, a record.

But she lost her beloved brother Michael in 2009, and her career survived a notorious wardrobe malfunction on live TV during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

What’s Nutribank.org about? Here’s what the website says:

“The idea is simple: NutriBank is a repository for two things - nutritious food and monetary resources. It's also a platform we'll use to drive awareness not just about hunger, but about how to engage in a solution… Please check back in as we add more information about the projects NutriBank is supporting and as we provide progress reports on our food and financial donations.”

It’s a noble sentiment. But Jackson signed with Nutrisystem in Dec 2011, 8 months ago.

The site is signed by Jackson and Joe Redling, the CEO of Nutrisystem. Both are listed as co-founders.

It’s time for Jackson and Redling to start delivering on the promises of Nutribank, whatever they are. 

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