When a $1 Cause Marketing Donation is Not Enough

Movers Specialty Service, which relocates things and people, including military families, has been doing a little cause marketing since 2012 on behalf of the Travis Manion Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project. And such a deal they have for you!

Whenever they relocate any member of the military or engage in a “third party assignment” they’ll donate $1 to be split in some percentage between those two causes, according to a press release issued March 23, 2013.

Imagine that, one whole dollar.

I have never engaged a service like Movers Specialty Service, but I did once rent a 32’ truck from an agency, filled it up with the help of friends and loved ones and drove it 1,800 miles cross-country with my esposa. Between gas and the rental fee, I spent right around $2,700, not including incidentals like hotel stays and meals.

When I moved back, I had a different company drop off an empty trailer, which I loaded with the help of friends and family, and which the trucking company hauled back across country. That cost about $1,800.

But Movers Specialty Service actually sends someone to pack your stuff for you, then they ship it to your destination, and then someone there unloads it and unpacks it. I suspect that they charge more than $2,700 for this kind of white-glove service, even if you’re only going a few hundred miles.

And for that, MSS…as they refer to themselves…can somehow break $1 loose from their fee for two charities that represent a key part of their constituency.

Now MSS performs its service using subcontractors who actually do all that hand labor. MSS is a middleman. So they might respond that their piece of a relocation contract is actually rather modest. Yeah, and so too are their costs, since it is subcontractors that are doing all the work, not MSS employees.

$1 is not enough for a cause marketing campaign like this.

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