Bottom Nine Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns of 2007

'Top Eight' 'Bottom Nine' What Do I Have Against the Number 10?

I was contemptuous of a pretty good number of cause-related marketing campaigns and cause marketing ads in 2007. Nine of them make my list for the worst campaigns of 2007. [Read my list of the best eight cause-related marketing campaigns here.]

But only one gave me a visceral reaction. That was an ad in BabyTalk Magazine by American Greetings and featuring the Sesame Street character Elmo. The ad had the look and feel of a cause-related marketing campaign meant to benefit kids in Third World countries

“Instead… as you read the fine print… you learn that Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit which produces Sesame Street and other children’s shows, applies the money it earns from its licensees to underwrite the production of versions of Sesame Street in other countries. Sure, and when I fill up on gas at CITGO stations kids in Venezuela are able to go to college.”

The only reason this ad didn’t lead the list is because it dropped in May 2006, even though I reviewed it last March. I’ll say it again, shame on American Greetings for an ad like that and shame on Sesame Workshop for approving it. I did not expect Sesame Workshop to be this slick.
Here then are the rest of worst.

Worst Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns of 2007

Firedog Across America
American Heart Association ad for their Start Movement
March of Dimes WalkAmerica ad and colored ribbons
Target and National Teacher Appreciation Week
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and various charities
Sports Authority and an unnamed breast cancer charity
Walgreens flyer heralding the American Diabetes Association
Outside Magazine Green Issue
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

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